Wicket: The Untold Story of the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village A Parody Musical in Two Acts

By DITGDC (other events)

6 Dates Through Oct 23, 2022

Book and Lyrics by Travis Sharp

Music and Lyrics by Haddon Kime


Wicket- A Parody Musical does for Star Wars what Wicked did for The Wizard of Oz; it’s a loving homage and cutting parody combined. Wicket spotlights one of George Lucas’ most dubious creations—the fuzzy space teddy-bear Ewoks—to explore the love/hate relationship between creators and fans while calling Lucas to task for the racism, sexism, and maybe even sizism of the original Star Wars trilogy.



Wicket- Katie Fitzpatrick

Kneesa- Danielle Sampson

Leia- Sarah Etkin

Logray- Gregory Mahoney

Ensign-Nadia Robertson

Emperor- Steve Gemma

Chirpa- Michelle Kelly

Latara- Kelley Dumont

Teebo- Mic Godin

Shodu- Andrea Kirwan

Igar- Richard Griffiths

Rodie- Zachary Alemesis